Teams are the key resources for accomplishing work in organizations. Recent studies show 60% of active professionals involved in the virtual teams in one form or another. However, effective teams are the ones who build trust and appreciation of team members' diverse skills. 

In this program, partnering with universities, team building environments are designed specifically for professional teams to practice and improve communication and collaboration skills in a relaxed, non-task related, game-like environment.

“Having lead face to face team building and experiential programs for over 15 years I was a little skeptical that we could re-create the same feel and lessons learned within a virtual environment. But, after our first workshop with a team of 10 project managers I saw how powerful and useful delivering consulting and training can be in the virtual environment. Many of the exact behaviors, actions, and solutions that teams use and discover in face to face quickly became apparent and used in the virtual world. Team members asked questions, developed a plan, learned from progress and regress while putting their plan into action, then succeeded in the challenge. All in real-time, talking to each other as-if they were standing and working in the same room.  This is an excellent way to increase organizational and team strength, where everyone shares the same experience, at the same time, hearing the same message while being physically separate and mentally together.” Mike Cardus, Organization Development


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