3DCV has been involved in creating and evolving 3dCU from inception. This innovative learning space grew from a basic replication of Carleton’s campus to include cultural artifacts, a downtown core, a residential section, an orientation maze, teleporting functions, games, and several non-traditional, outdoor learning areas. The ongoing design process has been informed by theory, practice, and collaborative research; this space is intended to help foster interactive, collaborative, and experiential learning. Please click on the image below to learn the Carleton Virtual Campus story:




Collectively we demonstrate that 3DVCs can be used as a learning tool by providing a virtual space with the following advantages:

  • It allows people in different locations to interact.
  • It gives users access to facilities not available physically.
  • It enables activities that are not possible in physical settings.
  • It offers a variety of observation and measurement tools for performance evaluation and improvement.
Contact Information

Nuket Nowlan

3D Virtual Crafting, 705 Richmond Rd. Ottawa, ON  K2A 0G6
tel: 613-725-4622