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Carleton's 3D Virtual Linguistics Course  - ALDS 1001

Supported by Ontario Ministry of Education!

Ottawa, ON -  Aug 2014

Carleton University instructors in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) will fully engage immersive 3D virtual campus in their online linguistics teaching programs.

3DVC is proud to be a part of this project in virtual environment and instructional design. The newest Virtual Carleton campus level has a rainbow stage area for presentations and groupwork, storytelling campfire, matching and memory games, boggle game, Ottawa marketplace simulation, library, native villige and Navigation Maze for AvayaLive Engage navigation self-trianing path.


Carleton Campus Virtual Library



Virtual Native Village






Game Changers Article on 3DVC

Ontario Online Learning Portal Posts an Article about 3DVC!

Ottawa, ON -  Aug 2014

3D Virtual Crafting is the new topic at Ontario Online Learning Portal for Faculty & Instrcutors website. Under the category of Ontario start-up Game Changers in online learning, 3DVC's past, present and future projects are described.

Click here for the article 3D Virtual Crafting - Creating Interactive Virtual Environments.

 3DVC Article1




Virtual Patient Analysis - Dementia Demonstration

3DVC With Russell Gurbutt, Faculty of Medicine and Health at University of Leeds!

Ottawa, ON -  June 2014

This is a demonstration led by Dr Russell Gurbutt, Faculty of Medicine and Health at University of Leeds, with 3DVC. It presents the techniques used within the virtual environment to facilitate the student's skills in patient analysis and home decorum.

Practicing within these scripted scenarios and customizable homes, the students learn to politely communicate within the patient's house, ask questions, analyze their living environment and be more comfortable with these tasks.

We hope you enjoy!



Nipissing University Virtual Campus 2014-2015

Collaborating with 3DVC in their virtual projects!

Ottawa, ON -  May 2014

3D Virtual Crafting will keep on supporting Nipissing University's virtual campus in 2014-2015 school year. Nipissing University is running university community outreach projects and offering online interactive tutorials for students in Nipissing University virtual campus.

Click here for Nipissing University's article on their 3D virtual campus and projects.




3DVC Launches MetaVenue

Reserve Virtual Spaces for 3D Immersive Training!


Ottawa, ON -  Feburary 2014

In an increasingly globalizing world, it is essential to connect people in the simplest,most engaging, cost effective and most environmentally friendly way.

Welcome to MetaVenue!

A user-friendly, affordable, global, interactive and engaging 3D virtual environment for all types of gatherings.


Join us for a tour during our Open Hours, Thursdays at 6 - 8 PM ET!

Visit MetaVenue for more details.



Virtual Social Media in Carleton Virtual Campus

Social Collaboration Demonstration Video!


Ottawa, ON -  January 2014

Social interaction in Carleton Virtual Campus. Highlighting the social media interactions on Avayalive Engage virtual platform. The four group members will collaboratively explore, converse, laugh, edit PowerPoint presentations, search websites, watch videos and webcam share.

Below is a video showing a demonstration of virtual social interactions in the Carleton Virtual Campus.

We hope you enjoy!



CBC Interview On Nipissing University Virtual Campus

Barry Mercer interviews Tom Church!


North Bay, ON -  January 2014

Nipissing University, working with 3D Virtual Crafting, has launched its online 3D virtual space for students to meet and attend class. Nipissing University students no longer need to leave the comfort of their home to attend their lectures or tutorials.

Barry Mercer from CBC Radio interviews Tom Church, Instructional Designer at Nipissing University.The interview is done within the Nipissing virtual environment and here is the link to the audio:

CBC Radio Interview with Tom Church

Below is a video showing Barry Mercer's first interaction with Nipissing University campus on AvayaLive Engage platform.




3DVC Professional Development

3D Virtual Crafting presents immersive Professional Development!

Ottawa, ON -  August 2013

3DVC recently launched its new Professional Development services in virtual environments. We hope you enjoy our promotional video below!




3DVC Youtube Channel

3D Virtual Crafting has a Youtube channel with all our videos!

Ottawa, ON -  July 2013

Please click on the image below to go to the channel! We hope you enjoy our two new videos: Tipontia and 3DVC Gamification.







3DVC Gamification

Creating Engaging Online Games for the Calgary Catholic School District

Ottawa, ON - May 2013

To take immersive learning to the next level, interactive games can be used to further the interest of students. 3D Virtual Crafting is working with the Calgary Catholic School District to find ways to further engage students as part of on-line French courses. Students can play individually or as a team to reinforce the topics covered in class via platform, matching, letter/sentence scrambling and story building games. With these games, 3DVC aims to make the students’ learning experience engaging and fun!




Improve Your Enlgish with 3DVC

3DVC Supporting Algonquin and TED University in Situational English Learning

Ottawa, ON - April 2013 

3D Virtual Crafting will be working with teachers from Algonquin University and students from the Turkish Education Association (TED) University to develop an 8 week virtual English learning/teaching program. With 3D interactive settings and collaborative activities, students can improve their speech, listening and presentation skills, while teachers develop their instructional skills.




3DVC And The Avaya Learning Campus

3D Virtual Crafting contributes to Avaya's novel launch

Ottawa, ON -  November 2012

3D Virtual Crafting is proud to partner with Gronstedt in developing the Avaya Learning Campus! This engaging and interactive virtual environment uses a unique approach to enforce collaboration and client training. 3DVC congratulates Avaya in launching the Learning Campus!

Avaya Learning Virtual Campus


Designed and implemented by 3DVC and Gronstedt, the Avaya Learning Virtual Campus provides you with an interactive learning environment to gain the knowledge and skills that you need. Please visit this link for more information.



About 3DVC

3D Virtual Crafting (3DVC) is a novel corporation that facilitates character development and education via interactive virtualenvironments. Using the Avayalive Engage platform, 3DVC creates custom virtual environments, avatars, animations to objects and characters, games and scenarios designed for each customer's needs. These server customizations facilitate interactive education, team collaboration, scenario-based training, holding private meetings and engaging learning experience.

Please visit the following link for more information about our services: link

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