About 3DVC

3D Virtual Crafting (3DVC) is a novel corporation that facilitates character development and education via interactive virtual environments. Using the Avayalive Engage platform, 3DVC creates custom virtual environments, avatars, animations to objects and characters, games and scenarios designed for each customer's needs. These server customizations facilitate interactive education, team collaboration, scenario-based training, holding private meetings and engaging learning experience.





How We Started

In 2008,  engineers with the Nortel web.alive project were working on their first release. Around the same time, a new program called Cross Functional Collaboration & Learning  was created and lead by Nuket Nowlan.  The new initiative invited people from all around the company to volunteer their time and to learn new technology in areas different from their day-to-day work. Many were excited by web.alive, a platform to create 3D virtual worlds and use them as a communication tool. This was the start of the adventure. The small group included people interested in project management, software programming, ideation and visual graphic design, environment design, software verification, 3D content and design, etc. This was just the begining.

3D Virtual Crafting is a spin-off of the original initiative created in 2009.


Want to see what they look like? Please watch the video below showing Tipontia.